Icom NZ Partners With Mike Pero Motorsport Park


Icom NZ are excited to announce their latest partnership with Canterbury Car Club (Mike Pero Motorsport Park). The longstanding Pothole Corner has now been renamed Icom Corner with an Icom branded 40ft container.


Canterbury Car Club has also undergone a digital radio upgrade to bring the latest in NXDN Digital Technology to the track. With built in noise cancellation, the background noise is reduced so that a clear communications channel is available at all times. A combination of IC-F3263DTIC-F5063D radios along with headsets were supplied by Icom NZ for use at the Mike Pero Motorsport Park. This will be the second occasion where Icom digital radios have been favoured for use in a motor racing environment in New Zealand.

When compared to an analog FM signal, digital easily outperforms analog in audio clarity at the fringes of the communication range, thus providing more reliable audio over a greater total area, even if the coverage footprint is the same as analog FM. This makes Icom radios perfect for loud environments like the motorsport park where communication is critical and won't drop out of range. Voices also won't be drowned out by the loud revving engines thanks to the noise cancelling features of Icom's digital radios.

The digital modulation/demodulation makes it difficult to decode the IDAS™ digital signal using the current scanner receivers. Race secrets are kept safe at all times thanks to the digital voice scrambler which adds security to conversations.

Icom NZ is the sole distributor of radios in New Zealand that backs their land mobiles with a 5 year warranty. Icom radios promise to stand the test of time while proving to be durable and reliable.