Case Study: Icom's IP100H System Used In Polish Textile Company


Poland's largest clothing retailer LPP (Lubianiec Piechocki i Partnerzy), based in Gdansk, Poland, has recently adopted Icom's IP Radio System for their distribution centre.

The LPP distribution centre is the largest and most advanced distribution centre of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. LPP has more than 1,500 stores and more than 18,000 employees mainly in Europe. The centre is currently being expanded and modernized to be able to handle the supply of 1300 stores at the same time and even send 1,150,000 products every day thanks to the use of high-tech solutions. 

It is with great excitement that Icom is part of this modernisation and technology upgrade thanks to the recent purchase by LPP of 14 x IP100H and 1 x IP1000C for smooth, uninterrupted communication coverage across the entire building. Communicating through the centre’s fire proof walls in the building proved to be an obstacle for their old wireless communications but not for the IP100H which provides seamless communication across the entire building. 

Since the LPP distribution centre is using their existing wireless LAN network, no license is required for the IP Radio System. With the VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, Icom’s IP Radio System can interconnect easily with IP phones as well as analog and digital radios which makes system expansion effortless. 

To find out how the IP Radio System can benefit your business for effortless communications or to upgrade to a modernised communications solution, please contact Icom NZ at or 0800 744 062.


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