Christchurch City Council Goes Digital With NXDN Solution

Christchurch City Council's Civil Defence Emergency Management and Rural Fire Department (CDEM) wanted to replace their ageing communications equipment and chose to partner with Signals NZ and Icom NZ to supply them with a fully functional radio system. The solution needed to seamlessly integrate with their IP network and be capable of offering software applications tailored to their specific communication needs. A solution using Icom NXDN was the optimum answer.


The brief was a simple one; CDEM needed a future-proof solution which matched their exact requirements that also fitted within the working budget. CDEM’s additional requirement for GPS tracking was a simple add-on given NXDN’s ability to run voice and data on the same network.


The tragic earthquakes in Christchurch had a strong bearing on where the Christchurch City Council CDEM Unit wanted to head with their communication planning. One of the key factors in their decision making was interoperability. As a large user of two-way radios, planning for a migration path to a new digital platform was critical. The Icom NXDN system allowed for the CDEM to migrate to a digital system at its own pace while using their existing radios. Icom’s off the shelf solution made building a multi-site network seamless. “The integration of analogue and digital was certainly not the minefield that we thought it might be and the dual mode operability of the Icom NXDN solution was appealing” said Justin Lewis, CDEM operational Readiness Coordinator.


Signals and Icom provided CDEM with its own wide area multi-site and multi-channel repeater network. The NXDN solution provides radio equipment that has been easily integrated into the existing IT network encompassing features such as text messaging and voice calls, cell calling using the voice and data functionality. Coupled with the ability to provide PC based reporting and a management solution for the network, CDEM now has the ability to remotely control the NXDN locations to give a completely configurable functionality.


“CDEM has greatly benefitted from the innovative ideas and solutions around NXDN that Signals offered us as part of our strategic partnership. We see Christchurch City Council CDEM unit as now being ahead of the field with regards to communications – thanks to Icom and the team at Signals” said Justin.

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