Coastguard Boating Education


Globally recognised as one of the leading providers of radio communication devices, Icom radios are made in Japan within a strict quality control environment. Icom is the official radio supplier of Coastguard Boating Education where all new boaties get trained on safe boating practices. All users of Marine VHF Radios are required to hold a minimum of a Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate (an exception is made for radio use only in emergency or distress situations). New boaties are trained using Icom VHF radios so they get to be familiar and confident with Icom marine radios when out on the water. 


The importance of Icom VHF marine radios:

It's surprising how many people are still shocked when their phones stop working after taking it out on the water with them. Your phone is going to encounter water at some stage, if not completely get lost overboard and unfortunately they have yet to come up with a waterproof mobile phone that floats. Relying solely on your mobile phone is not going to be the smartest option when it’s so easy to lose overboard or encounter areas where there isn’t any reception. Mobile phones these days average around the thousand dollar price range. Such an investment should not be risked ending up on the ocean floor to join countless others. Nor will a mobile phone be much assistance in an emergency if it’s been placed in a waterproof bag and you have to unzip it, enter your passcode to unlock it and then dial the buttons for help. Mobile phones are definitely no substitute for a handheld VHF radio.

Water Safety New Zealand recommends two reliable forms of communication should be carried every time you go out on your boat. Mobile phones should only be used as a secondary backup form of communication and should not be solely relied upon. "A hand-held waterproof marine VHF radio is the most reliable forms of communication currently available to boaties. Using a VHF radio means that other vessels in the area will often hear a distress message and be the first on the scene" says Water Safety New Zealand. The best possible option to accommodate the communications aspect of the new bylaw and save your mobile phone from drowning is to carry one of Icom’s highly rated VHF handheld radios.

Staple items on the water as mobile phones are on land be sure to make an Icom VHF your next purchase this boating season. Contact us for more information or find your nearest Icom NZ dealer. You can also browse Icom NZ's full range of marine radios on our Marine Page.