Icom NZ Case Study: Logsafe

Used in the forest harvesting industry, the Logsafe GPS Monitoring system was developed to help protect forestry workers who often work in very demanding conditions. By combining the Logsafe system with Icom's market leading technology, breaking out and falling staff are able to work with more peace of mind knowing that they now have another layer of safety support onsite.

Dependable radios are crucial for this system to work efficiently and Icom radios have proved to be the most compatible with the Logsafe system. Icom digital radios were chosen to work with Logsafe because of the superior NXDN radio network capabilities. "Initial trials found Icom radios had the best GPS accuracy, fastest data transfer speeds, best battery life and highest flexibility in terms of programming commands with our Logsafe system." says Joseph Brolly, Managing Director of Logsafe. "That's why we continue to use and recommend Icom radios for our customers".

Thanks to Icom's accurate GPS, the hauler operator is now able to see the location of each breaker-out on the crews harvesting map in relation to the moving ropes. This system gives the hauler operator more peace of mind when going ahead with the drag after received the go ahead as they can confirm no breaker-out is in the no go zone via the monitor screen. "The Logsafe system locates each breaker-out and displays their position relative to the moving ropes and the safe retreat zone on the crews harvesting map on the computer screen. This provides a last line of defence for more peace of mind for the hauler operator particularly when the breakouts are working out of sight – which happens often." Existing systems rely on physical markers, tooter signals and verbal radio instructions. Icom radios are also programmed to emit a warning alarm inside the hauler cab as well as the breaker out handsets in the field if a breaker-out enters the no-go zone while the ropes are moving on inhaul or outhaul – ensuring breaker-outs are at least 15 metres from moving ropes at all times. "This provides a warning system to raise awareness of a failure to retreat to the required position" says Brolly.

Logsafe also offers fallers more support in the event of an emergency, helping to drastically reduce time taken to locate an injured faller thanks in part to Icom's GPS accuracy and radio functionality. Fallers often work away from the rest of the crew on their own which makes it hard to locate and respond to in emergency situations. Faller location is displayed on screen inside the hauler and updated every 80 seconds and exact real-time position is available at the touch of a button. Thanks to Icom radios, rescue teams are able to locate the injured faller faster. Working in conjunction with the Logsafe system, the man down alert in the Icom radios are activated when the radio is at an angle less than 45 degrees and if not righted within two minutes emergency alerts, along with the faller's GPS coordinates, are sent to the hauler operator as well as the rest of the crew's handheld radios. There is also an emergency button on Icom radios that instantly sends out an emergency alert and location to the crew.

Monitoring and managing of new data like safety and production information can also be reported thanks to the Logsafe system. The Logsafe system is able to create real time reports on drag cycles per day, log count, faller check-in, tree drives and also the number of times a breaker-out enters the no go zone by tracking the GPS location of the Icom radios. This information can be used by crew management to assist with daily tailgate meetings. The Logsafe GPS system eliminates the use of physical markers as well as the need to cart around extra equipment. Carrying an Icom radio is all that is needed by the ground crew for all radio, GPS and digital communication.

Icom NZ is the only supplier of two-way radios in New Zealand that have the confidence to back all their land radios with a five year warranty – three years more than the industry standard of two years. Most of their land radios are constructed to withstand the tough environment of the forestry industry and handle all its requirements. "Icom radios are robust, accurate and overall the best radio on the market for what we need," says Brolly. Icom's waterproof GPS radios are programmed on forestry radio channels with added features such as IP67 waterproof/dustproof protection and are built rugged to MIL-STD 810 standards. The Logsafe GPS system is compatible with any cable-logging system and installations are currently underway in Northland, Dunedin, Gisborne and Tokoroa.

For more information on how this unique and innovative system paired with Icom radios can help protect your logging crew and reduce injuries in the industry, please contact us

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