Icom NZ Case Study: Top Radios For TOPSHOP

Efficiency is critical for business success. No one knows this better than one of the world’s leaders in retail, TOPSHOP. Started in 1964, UK fashion label TOPSHOP and its brother store TOPMAN have become a leading style authority and one of fashion’s biggest success stories. With over 300 stores in the UK alone with shipping available to more than 100 countries, TOPSHOP has become a global leader in fashion.

So when the first TOPSHOP TOPMAN store was set to open in New Zealand, an easy to use, reliable radio communications solution was needed to ensure the store was running as efficiently as possible at all times. Recommended by their security advisor, Icom radios were selected to roll out a radio communications solution for TOPSHOP TOPMAN in Auckland. Chosen for their unbeatable performance and reliability, Icom’s latest UHF radios, the IC-F2000, were purchased for the TOPSHOP TOPMAN store from Icom NZ's Principal dealer Signals NZ Ltd. All land and amateur radios provided by Icom New Zealand come with a five year warranty as well which is three years more than the industry standard of two years. A first for New Zealand, Icom NZ is the only radio distributor to offer this.

The 1300 square-metre, two-storey outlet opened its doors on March 12 2015 after four months of NZ and UK designers and architects worked together around the clock. The opening day of the New Zealand flagship store saw thousands of TOPSHOP TOPMAN fans queuing in line eager to be the first to shop the latest trends.

Despite the mad frenzy of shoppers throughout the first few days of opening, TOPSHOP TOPMAN was able to deliver amazing customer service thanks to Icom radios.

"Due to the size of TOPSHOP TOPMAN, communication can become difficult between floors. Radios are a great tool to simplify this, and ensure the team remains connected no matter their position in-store," says Brandon Beattie, NZ Business Manager of TOPSHOP TOPMAN.

"All members of staff use the radios - from our Back of House Department, to Sales Advisors on the shop floor. They make communications so simple, and enable managers to remain engaged with all staff at all times. We needed the radios to ensure our team could always remain connected – with a store the size of TOPSHOP TOPMAN, the biggest hurdle is remaining connected and radios are the best solution to this. Secondly, radios are a fast and effective tool for security purposes, and have proven to be a great asset for the business to date. [The Icom radios are] a great tool that has positively impacted our ability to operate as a fast fashion high street business. The follow up service has been wonderful too, assuring us that should we encounter problems or technical glitches, technical support is only a phone call away."

Never was there an empty rack or shelf thanks to Icom radios as staff were able to easily communicate with each other throughout the day to keep the store running like a well oiled machine.

TOPSHOP TOPMAN is set to grow its New Zealand presence. Wellington and Christchurch are next in line for stores, followed by a nationwide rollout and further shops in Auckland. According to Beattie all TOPSHOP TOPMAN stores opening in New Zealand will absolutely be using Icom radios. It’s only fitting that TOPSHOP TOPMAN, a top retail brand, relies on Icom, a top radio brand, to provide an efficient radio communications solution for their New Zealand retail stores.


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