Icom NZ New Product Launch: IC-F1000 / IC-F2000 Series

Icom is proud to announce the New Zealand launch of the simple, smart and stylish handheld IC-F1000 series of VHF transceivers. They are rugged in design, light in weight, more compact and have a tough body that meets IP67 standards as well as tough military 810 specifications.

The IC-F1000 features a 24.5mm slim depth and a waterproof casing which can withstand the submersion of up to one meter of water for 30 minutes. It also prevents the ingress of powder dust, sand, mud and other debris. A low power consumption circuit design with a newly designed slim type lithium-ion battery pack allows the IC-F1000 to last up to 14 hours on power save mode.

A built-in programmable motion sensor can detect the physical orientation of the device as well as its movement patterns. Based on the situation it can then send different types of emergency signals to co-workers or dispatch. There is even an alert that gets sent if the radio is left in a horizontal position or not operated for an extended period of time which is a great feature for industries such as security or forestry. The motion function detects if the transceiver is moving, shaking or immobile for example, if someone has been knocked unconscious or has fallen. The newly introduced man down and lone worker functions of the IC-F1000 make this transceiver a must have when putting safety of workers first.

Another added feature of the IC-F1000 is the channel announcement where the radio announces the channel number as the channel knob is rotated – convenient for making radio adjustments without having to take your eyes off what you’re doing to look at the radio.

Full of practical and useful features, the IC-F1000 series is ideal for industries where the environment is intense or harsh such as the forestry, engineering and construction sectors, thanks to its tough features. The IC-F1000 is also ideal for organisations that demand a reliable and sturdy analogue transceiver such as security companies, shopping malls, Government offices, etc.

Whether you're looking for reliability, safety, durability or a combination of all three, the IC-F1000 series provides all the features you'd want in a high quality radio and more.

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