Icom NZ New Product Launch: IP100H


Icom is excited to announce the imminent arrival of the new IP100H, a licence-free transceiver that works over wireless LAN and IP networks.
Key new features include seamless roaming whereby if two or more wireless action points are deployed over an IP network, the IP100H uses the nearest access point and can roam between the access points. Licencing and applications are not required for its installation.

The IP100H radio is ideal for organisations that, due to cost issues and only needing a relatively small coverage requirement, use licence-free radios. Typical problems with this include interference, lack of privacy, limited calling features and communication instability due to peer to peer communications in the busy shared band. Due the IP100H using wireless LAN protocol, these issues are addressed, giving clear communications, privacy and stable communications.

Target users for the IP100H will include restaurants, hotels, shops, warehouse/manufacturing, building security and other hospitality industry radio users as well as any radio users in need of licence-free but secure and private communication systems.

This is a new product for Icom and the first shipment of demo kit will be in March. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us.

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