RFUANZ Customer Service Winner

After Icom New Zealand’s Principal Dealer Signals NZ Ltd dominated the Radio Frequency Users Association of New Zealand (RFUANZ) Industry Excellence Awards in 2014 by winning three out of six awards, it is with great pleasure to announce that Icom has won the 2015 Customer Service Award. The 2015 Customer Service award sponsored by Vertex Standard was to "recognise individuals who go out of their way to provide exceptional service and on-going support to their customers." The criteria for the award were customer satisfaction, resourcefulness, integrity, and long term customer relationships.

Edward Ross, Technical Support Manager for Icom New Zealand, won the award after being nominated by Oxfam New Zealand’s Engagement & Marketing Director, Gwen Green for his work on Oxfam Trailwalker in 2014.

"Icom stepped in as Radio Communication Sponsor for Oxfam Trailwalker and managed to cover areas we have never been able to talk from before. However, this wasn’t an easy task and Edward went above and beyond to make it happen for us. We only got access to one of the repeater locations late in the set up and Edward, despite needing to return to Auckland on the Friday afternoon to take his children out, was still on site at 10pm that night doing final coverage checks and adjustments. When we told him we could manage with the coverage running as good as he could get it by 3pm his answer was "I promised you the best coverage I could get, and I’m not leaving until I get it for you." The whole event could not have run as smoothly as it did without Edward's support, and putting Oxfam Trailwalker support before all else was certainly above and beyond our expectations of service and support."
- Gwen Green, Oxfam New Zealand

A fine example of how Icom prides itself on striving to provide exceptional customer service, it is great to see Edward being recognised for his outstanding support, and what better way than within his own industry, from people who understand and appreciate the challenges he faced in providing such excellent support to Oxfam.


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