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  • Dedicated control channel
  • Efficient spectrum usage
  • Up to 32 channels per site
    One control channel, Up to 31 traffic channels
  • Up to 32 site multi-site trunking with CS-FC5000SCS System Control Software
  • Channel License System
  • Automatic roaming from site to site
  • Subscriber registration

 dPMR™ Mode 3 Digital Trunking  idas    dPMR

dPMR is a 6.25 kHz FDMA based digital radio protocol described in the ETSI technical standards TS 102 658. It offers 6.25kHz spectrum efficiency, higher security and greater audio clarity even on the fringes of the communication range. In a dPMR Mode 3 digital trunking system, when a user requests a call through a dedicated control channel, the trunking controller automatically allocates one of the traffic channels and sets up the call. The system can accommodate a large number of users on a limited number of repeater channels with high efficiency. The System Control Software can interconnect multiple trunking controllers over an IP network, so the system can be expanded from a single site system to multiple sites and increases coverage.


Total dPMR™ Mode 3 Trunking Solution


Single Site (4 Channels × 1 Site Model)

Multi-site (6 Channels × 3 Site Model)

Centralized Control Channel Trunking

Employing a high performance power amplifier, together with the solid heatsink built into the chassis, the IC-FC5000E provides a reliable 100% duty cycle operation at 50W output.


Up to 32 Channels in a Site

The IC-FC5000E controls up to 32 channels of connected repeaters over an IP network. (One control channel and up to 31 traffic channels.) The IC-FC5000E can be configured from a web browser through an IP network.


Up to 32 Site Multi-site Trunking

When used with the CS-FC5000SCS, System Control Software, up to 32 trunking controllers can be connected over an IP network for linking multiple sites. A radio can communicate with other radios registered to the interlinked trunked sites for wide area roaming and calling service.


Channel License System

Four channel license activation key is supplied with the IC-FC5000E controller. When deploying five or more repeaters channels in a site, additional channel license activation keys are required for each repeater channel.


Call Queuing

If all traffic channels are busy, the user’s call request is automatically stored in the call queuing until a traffic channel is available. A beep sound notifies when a traffic channel is available.


Emergency Call with Pre-emption

The emergency call can give priority level to a normal call in the call queuing. If all traffic channels are busy, the emergency call forces another normal priority call to be cleared down.


Maintenance Features

  • CS-FC5000 web based management software allows to connect multiple clients
  • CS-FC5000 supports localized language for system labels
  • Firmware update over an IP network
  • Remote reboot of the trunking controller over an IP network
  • Repeater anomaly detection and alert
  • A traffic channel can be configured as a secondary control channel


Continued Feature Enhancements (Planned)

  • Telephone interconnect
  • 3rd party application interface
  • Voice recording
  • System administration enhancements


Rear panel view

rear panel view