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Cleaned Up, Nicely.

With government funding unable to stretch to everything, inevitably choices have to be made. And so we should be grateful to those people that give their time freely to make our coastlines a better place for all visitors, whether human or bird.

Auckland’s Adventure Paddlers Club understand the need to invest time and energy into protecting our coastlines for all to enjoy. As much as they love to paddle out to the islands around the Hauraki Gulf, then realise that they need to invest energy back into these beautiful islands, not simply turn up and enjoy them.

Each month the Adventure Paddlers Club  organise a beach tidy, working with the good folks of the Outboard Boating Club as well as the Motukorea Volunteers. They meet at St Heliers at 0900 and then spend the day at Motukorea/Browns Island, collecting trash along the coastline.

Janet Dalton, a regular on these trips, was surprised to find washed up amongst the rocks an old Icom M25 VHF radio, covered in sand and seaweed. Rather than simply give up on it and throw it in the rubbish bag, she wondered if it might ever work again.


“I couldn’t believe it when I saw this old Icom VHF sitting there. As a kayaker I know how important it is to have a working VHF whilst out on the water. I was keen to see if this one would ever work again. And keen to see just how robust one of these Icom VHFs really is”

Shaun Maclaren, President of the Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers, offered to take it home and continue the day’s clean up. Afterall, reuse and recycle is also an important mantra these days. After a quick clean up and a charge, the old VHF started up straight away, transmitting and receiving with no problem. It’s easy to think we live in a throw away society, especially looking along our coastlines, but every now and then a story comes along which shows that not everything is disposable. Some products really are built to last.

The good people at Icom were so delighted to hear that one of their products had not ended up in the trash, another victim of seawater ingress, and in recognition of their clean up efforts both on the beach and with this radio,  that they rewarded Janet with a brand new Icom M25 radio. You see sometimes it pays to buy quality and enjoy a product for years rather than replace it after a couple of seasons.

Let’s celebrate our volunteers in the aftermath of the recent Volunteers Day. Without people like Janet, our coastlines would deteriorate and become harder to enjoy.

Thanks Janet!

Want to help?

If anyone would like to learn more about the Adventure Paddlers Club, simply visit their Facebook page.

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