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The importance of buying from an Authorized Icom NZ/RWB Communications Dealer

We’ve encountered a few cases recently where customers have contacted us or one of our dealers requesting support for grey import products. If an Icom radio has been bought from an unauthorised Icom distributor in New Zealand, RWB Communications (Icom NZ) are unable to offer any product support, programming, modifications, or spare parts. Instead, it must be sent back to where it was originally bought from which can result in expensive delivery costs, long wait times and communication barriers. That’s why RWB Communications strongly encourages our customers to purchase from only authorised RWB Communications dealers. Don’t know the location of your nearest authorised RWB Communications dealer? Simply fill out the form on our dealer page on the RWB Communications website and we will direct you to your nearest dealer.

Apart from getting to interact with our amazing authorised RWB Communications dealers, some of the benefits of buying from them are as follows:

  • Parallel imported grey goods are also not type approved ​for use in New Zealand which means they are ILLEGAL for use here.
    e.g. the IC-A6 is the American version of the IC-A6E which is not type approved for use here in New Zealand. The box and radio may look the same, but the inside of the radio is very different.
  • Warranty product support: A genuine Icom NZ/RWB Communications warranty is usually 2 – 5 years. Please note that Icom NZ/RWB Communications records all serial numbers and confirms the serial of every unit sent in for warranty repair.
  • Correct programming & specifications: Icom equipment offered overseas usually differs from New Zealand versions, and may not be pre-programmed for our channels. This can severely affect the performance of the radio, and may also impact the safety of the user.
  • Correct accessories included: all the correct adapters, chargers and accessories are included when buying from an authorised Icom NZ/RWB Communications dealer. Parallel imported / grey goods are supplied with unapproved power supplies and may be an electrical safety or fire risk as they have wrong voltage and connections.
  • After sale service: if you require repairs or maintenance for your Icom products, our authorised RWB Communications dealers are on hand nationwide to help! You won’t be dealing with a call centre and be put on hold or asked to wait for months on end for a reply.


This list is intended to be a warning against buying grey imports as there are many other problems associated when purchasing them from non-authorised Icom NZ/RWB Communications dealers. If you are unsure of whether your product is genuine or a grey import please contact RWB Communications on 09 274 4062 with the product serial number and the name of the original supplier and we will be able to provide you with more information.

RWB Communications (Previously Icom NZ), the authorised Icom Distributor, warrants Icom products within New Zealand to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the applicable period indicated.

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