Marine VHF Cashback Terms & Conditions

RWB Communications Limited (RWB) Promotion terms & conditions.

  1. Promotion and Eligibility:  RWB is offering a $25.00 (New Zealand Dollars) cash back promotion to individuals who within 90 days of completing a Coastguard Boating Education Course (Participant and Course) purchase VHF Marine Radio (Product) from a participating, authorised RWB dealer for personal use (Promotion).
  2. Claim Process:  To claim under the Promotion, the Participant must:
    1. Visit and complete and submit the required information including a copy of their receipt and proof that the Course has been completed (Claim); and
    2. The Claim must be lodged within 90 days of completing the Course (Due Date).
  3. Late Application:  Any Claim received after the Due Date will not be accepted and RWB accepts no responsibility for any Claim received after the Due Date.
  4. Verification:   Should RWB be unable to verify the authenticity of the serial number supplied during the claim process, RWB reserves the right to request information about the Product purchased.
  5. Payment:  Once the Claim has been verified to the absolute satisfaction of RWB, RWB will issue the payment via EFT on the 20th of the following month of receipt of the claim (Payment). Payments are not transferable, assignable or exchangeable for other goods or services.  
  6. Refund:  If the Participant subsequently returns the Product to the place of purchase and obtains a refund under any returns policy that the relevant reseller may have, then the Participant agrees that if they have already received Payment at the time of the refund, then they will repay the Payment to RWB.
  7. RWB Offer:  This Promotion is made by RWB (as exclusive Icom distributor) directly to the Participant. Although individual  retailers of RWB supplied products may be specifically authorised to offer this Promotion on RWB’s behalf as agent, any Claim must be made directly to RWB and RWB retains exclusive responsibility for meeting any such Claim. This offer is additional to and does not replace any of the legal rights of a consumer against either a distributor or a supplier under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (if applicable) and/or any other relevant legislation in force at the time of sale.
  8. Personal Information:  RWB collects personal information in order to conduct the Promotion. Unless the Participant unchecks the appropriate box on the online claim form, RWB may, for an indefinite period (unless otherwise advised), use the information for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes including sending electronic messages to or telephoning the Participant.  The Participant should direct any requests to access, update or correct information to RWB.
  9. Limits:  Only 1 claim may be made per Product. Fraudulent use of the claim form may result in legal action.
  10. No Commercial Use: Claims for this Promotion cannot be accepted from customers who purchase the Product for commercial purposes.
  11. RWB’s Rights: RWB reserves the right to refuse Payment to any Participant on reasonable grounds, and RWB’s decision is final in all matters relating to this Promotion.
  12. Termination: RWB reserves the right to terminate this Promotion at any time and change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  13. No Losses:  RWB will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature by the Participant in relation to this Promotion.
  14. Promoter:  The promoter is RWB Communications Limited, 39C Rennie Drive, Airport Oaks, 2022.
  15. No Other Claims:  This Promotion cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other promotion, including other cashback promotions or rewards program.
  16. NZ Law:  This Promotion is governed by New Zealand Law.