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New IDAS Series Launch!

The new IDAS series sports an updated look and design.  It's plethora of functions and the attention to hardware details only Icom can provide brings you a solution that makes you look smart and work smart too.

The NEW IDAS Models are the following:

Handheld: IC-F3400/IC-F4400 Series, IC-F52D/IC-F62D

Mobile: IC-F5400/IC-F6400 Series

Refinements and enhancements to design, usability and features - combined with the electrical and industrial hardware improvements - further the total reliability of the new IDAS series. This reliability ranges from the "zero adjustment”, non-variance production quality of every radio made to a new and stress-free user experience that masks the real complexity behind this multi-protocol platform. Icom's product quality is legendary. Look smart and work smart with the new IDAS series. Using is believing. 

Digital Voice Recording

The IDAS radio can record incoming and outgoing calls, and the user can check recorded communications just in case. When a 32 GB microSD* card is used, a Max. 500 hours of recording is possible.

Day mode

* A microSD card is required separately. 

Emergency Call by Man Down and Motion/Stationary Detection

To remotely monitor worker safety, the IDAS handheld radio has four emergency related functions: motion detection, stationary detection, man down and lone worker functions. If one of these functions are activated, the radio automatically sends an emergency signal.

Active Noise Canceller

The active noise canceller assists in providing clear audio, while suppressing background noise. The function improves both your transmitted voice and incoming call. The radio user does not need to shout into the microphone even under extremely noisy environments.

Built-in GPS Receiver

The position data can be sent with voice call or status call and can be used with a third-party AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system. The GPS log functions logs user position data at regular intervals.


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