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Safer Boating Week 2017

This year’s Safer Boating Week focus was on an important new message for boaties: "If you can't call for help, we can't rescue you" - Having waterproof communications with you, and a marine VHF radio is usually best. This message was heavily pushed out by Maritime New Zealand, Coastguard New Zealand, Safer Boating New Zealand, Adventure Smart New Zealand and RWB Communications!

Did you also know that 58% of fatalities failed to have adequate communications* - a VHF radio and a beacon are what is considered to be the minimum. Cell phones in a plastic bag should only be used as a secondary backup form of communication and should not be solely relied upon. Although smart phones are increasingly becoming waterproof these days – unfortunately, they are yet to produce models that are waterproof and float!   *(Statistics provided from Maritime New Zealand)

Icom have been one step ahead of the game with regards to boating safety. 
Not only are all the handheld VHF radio range waterproof, but most them float and flash in the water as well! RWB Communications are working with Coastguard Boating Education and other trusted organisations to make a push for an increase in the amount of boaties who have a marine VHF device on board their vessel, are qualified to use it via completing a VHF operator course through Coastguard Boating Education and have a registered call sign.

This year, we focused on pushing the IC-M25 EURO as one ideal solution to boating safety as it is a great entry level model for boaties of all levels of experience. The key features being that it is waterproof, floats and is very easy to use. This simple yet elegantly designed radio is suited for the boatie with basic needs, considering that it only requires a micro-USB charger to charge the device (same as a typical android charger) and does not require any additional items to work. You can check out the full details of the IC-M25 Euro by CLICKING HERE.

Below, we have complied a whole bunch of images of where our Icom Marine VHF Handheld Radios featured in this year's #saferboatingweek.



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