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IC-F3263DS/DT | IC-F4263DS/DT


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  • Analogue / Digital 6.25kHz
  • Frequency range: VHF - 136 to 174Mhz, UHF – 450 to 520Mhz
  • Integrated GPS
  • 6.25 KHz IDAS ready
  • Waterproof construction (IP67)
  • Enhanced Rx audio (BTL amplifier)
  • IP67 Dust and Water Protection (Submersible)
  • Full dot-matrix LCD display
  • VHF output power 5 watts and UHF output power 4 watts
  • 512 channels (12 character alpha tagging) / 128 zones
  • Wide / narrow channel spacing (programmable)
  • Built-in CTCSS / DTCS, 5 Tone & BIIS signalling
  • Built-in inversion type voice scrambler
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Built-in voting function
  • Built-in basic LTR function


VHF 10-Keypad IDAS Digital
IC-F3263DS VHF Simple Keypad IDAS Digital
IC-F4263DT UHF 10-Keypad IDAS Digital
IC-F4263DS UHF Simple Keypad IDAS Digital

Full-Featured IDAS™ Digital Handheld with Built-in GPS and Waterproof Protection



800mW audio output power

The built-in BTL amplifier doubles the audio output power and the large 40mm speaker delivers loud audio to receive all calls under noisy environments. Even when using an optional speaker-microphone, the BTL amplifier output increases the audio output from the external accessory connector.

IP67 dust-tight & waterproof protection

The IC-F3261D/IC-F4263D series provides rugged protection against dust and water that is equivalent to IP67. The IC-F3261D/IC-F4263D series can withstand 1m depth of water for 30 minutes and its dust-tight construction shuts out powder dust, sand and other objects.

Built-in GPS

The built-in GPS receiver* offers a position reporting function which sends your current position information to other IDAS radios or dispatch stations at regular intervals or preprogrammed timing.
 * Available on specific versions.

Man down and lone worker functions for emergency calls

The man down function* automatically sends an emergency signal when the transceiver is left in a horizontal position for a preset period. The lone worker function also can transmit an emergency signal when the radio is not operated for a preset period. These emergency functions can be used to alert your co-workers or dispatcher to any potential trouble.
 * Available on specific versions.

IDASTM features​

The IC-F3261D/IC-F4263D series provides NXDN™ CAI-based IDAS digital mode operation. It is also compatible with NXDN™ Type-D multi-site and single-site trunking. The following IDAS features are programmable.

  • Individual/group call
  • Talk back and call mode selection
  • SDM (Short Data Message)
  • Status message
  • GPS
  • Radio check
  • Stun, kill and revive
  • Call alert
  • Remote monitor
  • Emergency
  • Digital voice scrambler
  • Block decode
  • RAN (Radio Access Number)

Analog FM mode features

  • 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS
  • MDC 1200 compatible
  • Inversion type voice scrambler
  • Basic LTR™ trunking

Other features

  • 512 memory channels with 128 zones
  • Large 2300mAh (typ.) Lithium-Ion battery
  • Mode dependent scan and priority scan
  • Optional waterproof speaker-mic, HM-184
  • Busy channel lockout, repeater lockout
  • 14-pin accessory connector
  • Escalating alarm
  • Dot-matrix, multi-function display
  • MIL-STD 810 G rugged construction
  • DTMF autodial
  • Power on password
  • Low battery alert
  • Time-out-timer
  • Surveillance function
  • Talk around function