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Following the launch of the IC-705 at the Tokyo Ham Fair, we are delighted to announce that this radio is coming to New Zealand early next year! Amateur Radio enthusiasts around the world are excited to see what this radio can do.

With government funding unable to stretch to everything, inevitably choices have to be made. And so we should be grateful to those people that give their time freely to make our coastlines a better place for all visitors, whether human or bird.

A new inter-atoll vessel for Tokelau containing Icom's latest GMDSS package funded through New Zealand Aid has been gifted.


  In early February 2018, Tonga was devasted by Cyclone Gita - RWB Communications & Express Diesel worked on a new radio communications network solution for the Tongan National Emergency Management Office (NEMO).


Icom Inc recently exhibited at the 2018 Tokyo Ham Fair on August 25th & 26th. Click to read more about the latest additions to the Icom range!

Advanced notice on a document that Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) are working on regarding prohibiting illegal use of two-way radios.

Click to read more about how you could get your IC-7610 with 15% off!

RWB Communications are pleased to launch Icom's latest handheld reciever in New Zealand!

RWB Communications are proud to announce that we have just launched the latest Icom GMDSS range in New Zealand! 

Time is closing in fast for ships to have a minimum of two, two-way portable radios for each fire party for fire-fighter’s communication on board under IMO SOLAS Regulation II-2/10

The RS-MS1I (for iOSTM devices) and RS-MS1A (for AndroidTM devices) let your transceiver wirelessly connect to a D-STAR transceiver and remotely set the DR functions, link with a map app and send/receive messages in the DV mode.

RWB Communications have just launched the latest Icom Aviation Handheld Radios! The IC-A25 Series! 



RWB Communications Ltd has updated its service policy concerning products that are and are not supported. These changes will take effect on 1st April 2018. 

Bring along your Icom device to 39C Rennie Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland on Monday 12th February between 10 am - 3 pm for a FREE* service/repair!


Yes, even our busy elves need a break sometime! Click to read more about our 2017 - 2018 Christmas/New Years shutdown period and dates for final ordering of all products...


The IC-M605 EURO has taken home the title of NMEA 2017 Best Marine Radio.

Safer Boating Week 2017 focus was on an important NEW message for boaties.....

IDAS Takes You To a New Level of "Smart".  

We often get people asking us why they should purchase a Marine VHF Radio when a cell phone can have a strong signal whilst out on the water. The answer is simple...

One of the questions we are commonly asked is what does IP stand for and importantly what does it mean for the product I have purchased?

ICOM NZ was sold to RWB Communications, effective from Friday 28th April 2017.


St John Ambulance is the nation's leading supplier of first aid training, having taught a massive 800,000 people last year.

We've summarised the main points for you to take away before the Christmas break!

We’ve encountered a few cases recently where customers have contacted us or one of our dealers requesting support for grey import products.

IC-M506E Pulls a Hat-Trick at NMEA Award

New changes to HM-152/T speaker microphone cable length

Introducing the latest additions to the Icom range!


To launch the annual Safer Boating Week, The Safer Boating Forum will be giving away free waterproof cell phone bags including...

Icom introduces a handheld radio that is capable of working on both the new narrowband frequencies as well as existing analogue frequencies. The IC-F1000D has been referred to as a "future proof" model by NZ Logger magazine ... We all know that Icom is one of the global leaders in two-way radio technology but one Amateur Radio operator in the UK has proven just how 'out of this world' Icom radios are!

There are some workers that have to work alone because of the nature of their occupation. Whether they are a cleaner, security guard or night porter, they are often on their own with little interaction with others during working time.

Used in the forest harvesting industry, the Logsafe GPS Monitoring system was developed to help protect forestry workers who often work in very demanding conditions.

Active noise cancelling technology and bult-in GPS for simple installation

Poland's largest clothing retailer LPP (Lubianiec Piechocki i Partnerzy), based in Gdansk, Poland, has recently adopted Icom's IP Radio System for their distribution centre.

Icom radios a staple for downhill mountain biking champs!


At the 2014 NMEA® International Marine Electronics Conference & Expo Icom's IC-M506 was awarded the title of 2014's Best Marine VHF Radio.

From Labour weekend 2014 new navigation safety bylaws will be put in place to ensure safety for all craft and personnel on water.

Icom is proud to announce the New Zealand launch of the simple, smart and stylish handheld IC-F1000 series of VHF transceivers.

We congratulate our Principal Dealer, Signals on winning three awards at the RFUANZ (Radio Frequency Users Association New Zealand) Annual Conference in May. 

2014 is a very special year for the Icom family as it marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of ICOM Inc.

Icom Inc. is about to release a land mobile radio product range that is compliant with the NXDN™ Type-C Trunking protocol as an extension to its IDAS™ range of professional communications products.

Working with Icom France, Croix-Rouge Française (the French Red Cross) has positioned itself at the leading edge of radio technology by choosing the dPMR™ (digital Private Mobile Radio) standard as its radio communications interface. 

Icom NZ new product launch


Like just about everything else in the 21st century, professional two-way radio is making the transition from analogue to digital. As well as potentially much clearer signals and more users in the same amount of spectrum, digital two-way radio offers many other advantages.




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