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AIS Traffic Info, Now in Your Hand
— AIS Receiver and Class-H DSC in One Package
— Simplified Navigation Function
— 10 Hours (approx.) of Long Operating Time*
*Typical operation with 5:5:90 duty ratio
— Float’n Flash and MOB Auto Set Functions

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AIS Receiver and DSC in One Package

AIS receiver and DSC function add further assurance for safety at sea. With the integrated AIS receiver, vessel traffic information is shown on the display. The AIS target call function allows you to easily set up a DSC individual call. Distress calls can be made with the rear panel button.


6 W RF Output Power and 10 Hours of Operating Time

The IC-M94D’s 6 watts of transmit power provides an extended communication range for the user. The supplied 2400 mAh (typical) high capacity Li-ion battery, BP-306 provides 10 hours of operating time, under normal conditions*.
* Approximate, typical operation with 5:5:90 duty ratio


Class-Leading 1500 mW Audio Output

Icom’s custom high-power capacity speaker delivers a loud 1500 mW (typical) audiooutput with improved acoustic sound clarity for noisy maritime environments.


Simplified Navigation Function

The Navigation function guides you to a specified waypoint. You can assign up to 50 favourite fishing spots or destinations as waypoints


Float’n Flash and MOB Auto Set Function

The radio floats and the LCD screen, keys and rear panel Distress button  ash to help you retrieve it from the water. Pressing the distress button while Float’n Flash is working will transmit the MOB distress signal, rather than the plain undesignated one for better protection of sailors

And More

• Integrated GPS receiver • Active noise canceling technology
• IPX7 submersible (1 m depth of water for 30 minutes)
• Weather channel receive (for USA version)
• Dualwatch and Tri-watch functions
• Favorite channel function
• Supports 4-digit channels
• AquaQuake™ prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker