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— All, Group, Talkgroup, Individual and Telephone Calls
— 1000 mW loud audio from internal speaker
— Optional Bluetooth® headset, VS-3
— IP67 / IP54 waterproof and dust-tight
— Battery can be charged through the USB Type-C™ cable
— More than 20 hours of operating time (Tx 1: Rx 1: Stand-by 8 duty ration)
— WPA2, WPA-Enterprise security


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Icom’s IP110H WLAN or IP radio is a compact, yet powerful device.Measuring only 95 mm high (~3.7 inches) and weighing 205 grams (~7.2 ounces), the IP110H is one of the smallest professional radios on the market.

The IP110H is a wireless network radio and can move freely within the network. Adding several access points can easily expand coverage for your radio system.

The IP1000C controller that connects to the wireless network allows grouped users to hear and talk with another group. Individual calls are also possible. Full duplex communication (as with a regular telephone) can be used if enabled in the IP1000C controller and if a headset is connected to the IP100H.

  • Compact size, and lightweight
  • Up to 27 hours with standard BP-271
  • Supports full duplex with headset connected
  • Reliable sound quality
  • High security with encrypted communication* (*AES Encryption)
  • Vibration function for incoming calls
  • Waterproof in accordance with IPX7


Scalable System Using Wireless
LAN Network

Deploying wireless access points over an IP network, the WLAN radio system can expand the communication range.

License-Free Communication

The WLAN radio uses common wireless LAN network frequencies, which do not need communication fees for running the system.

Communication with Dispersed Sites

When connected over an Internet VPN, the WLAN radios can communicate between dispersed sites

Simultaneous TalkListen Function

The WLAN radio provides full duplex communication like a telephone conversation and one-to-many communication. TalkListen works with or without external headset

Instantly Connects You with Your Team



The IP1000C is Icom’s wireless network system and keeps track of the radios in your network. IP1000C can also communicate with third-party manufacturers' WLAN access points allowing for great flexibility. It easily installs with existing IP1000C or new wireless networks.

• Capable of controlling up to100 WLAN radios (including IP100FS)



RoIP Gateway
(WLAN Radio controller built-in )
• Capable of controlling up to50 WLAN radios (including IP100FS)
• Interconnects with IP Phone and otherdigital and/or analog radio systems
• VPN function



Wireless LAN Access Point

• IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant wireless LAN access point
• PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability


Tunnel Construction and Mining

The communication area can be flexibly expanded asthe work progresses. In addition, the safety of the user can be confirmed by the Man down and Motion sensor functions


Communication in a building*
The IP100H connects to the closest access point and then automatically moves between the different points in the network.
For proper IP configuration, contact your local IP Professional.

Intra-building communications


Factories and Warehouses

The WLAN radio can cover all working sites, offices and remote bases through an IP network (VPN). Wherever you are in the network, you can share the information you need.

Shopping Centers and Malls

By deploying access points along the IP network, the WLAN radio can communicate all the way from the basement to the top floor. Real-time simultaneous Talk and Listen is possible.


Hotel and Restaurant Management

You can use the WLAN radio as a handy communication tool between staff members. With optional Bluetooth® headset, VS-3, the WLAN radio can be used wirelessly and inconspicuously