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IDAS system features

Spectrum efficiency

The IDAS™ system utilizes 6.25/12.5kHz narrowband FDMA technology.
This system is not only spectrum efficient but meets the FCC 2013 deadline for narrow band compliance.

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NXDN™ Type-C & Type-D Trunking

IDAS™ trunking conforms with the NXDN™ Type-C or Type-D trunking protocols. Type-C trunking is centralized control channel trunking. Type-D trunking is a distributed system which does not use a dedicated control channel.


Audio quality and coverage

Analog vs Digital Coverage
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When compared to an analog FM signal, digital easily outperforms analog in audio clarity at the fringes of the communication range, thus providing more reliable audio over a greater total area, even if the coverage footprint is the same as analog FM.


Flexible IP Network

IDAS™ repeater sites can be interlinked over an IP Network, and can extend your communication coverage. When used with a VE-PG3, VoIP Gateway, the IDAS™ radios* can be integrated into the SIP and analog phone system and interconnects telephone calls.

*Type-D multi-site trunking and conventional using the IC-FR5000 series.


Secure conversation

The digital modulation/demodulation makes it difficult to decode the IDAS™ digital signal using the current scanner receivers. The digital voice scrambler adds security on your conversation.


Flexible migration path

The IDAS™ system allows you to scale migration to narrow band digital at your own pace and needs, while running your existing analog system. As your future communication needs change, the IDAS™ system can grow to a trunking system and/or wide area (multi-site) system.

Digital/analog mixed mode operation