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Amateur Radios

Icom's comprehensive range of two-way radios are the top choice for many New Zealand Amateur Radio Operators, due to their quality, ease of use and market-leading warranty.

Aviation Radios

Icom products have established themselves as virtually standard kit with many flyers, from commercial airline flight crew to home-build hobby pilots.

Marine Radios

Icom marine radios are trusted by professional and amateur mariners globally for being the toughest radios with the best specifications.

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Full back up service for products purchased from an authorised dealer.


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Our offices are open from 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Exclusive Importer & Distributor

Exclusive importer and distributor of top quality Icom radios in NZ


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Services and Warranty

Trust in RWB Communications to provide unrivalled service alongside Icom warranties. Read more ›

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RWB supplies a network of dealers throughout New Zealand. Click here and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll email you back with the best local dealer for your needs.

RWB – Suppliers of World Class Two-Way Land, Marine, Aviation and Amateur Radio Communications

RWB Communications is the exclusive importer and distributor of top quality, Japanese-manufactured two-way business and personal radio communications products in New Zealand. Renowned for their quality, innovation, reliability and design, Icom radios have earned a solid reputation worldwide. We are proud to be providing the world’s finest business and personal radios and accessories, together with outstanding, personalised service.

Our extensive range of two-way radio communication products are designed to the highest specifications and include base-station, mobile and handheld radio units covering many frequency bands – we have a communications solution that caters to every situation.

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