Services and Warranty

Replacement parts, service and instruction manuals can be ordered through RWB Communications. For discontinued models contact RWB Communications to check if the model is still supported.

Land and Amateur radios

Five year warranty

Land and Amateur radios have a five-year warranty.

Marine and Aviation radios

Two year warranty

Marine and Aviation radios have a two-year warranty.

Samlex Power Supplies

Three year warranty

Samlex Power Supplies have with a three warranty.


Six month warranty

Accessories have a six-month warranty

All items to be be returned must be done by an authorised NZ Icom dealer, preferably from the dealer where the item was purchased. Please contact RWB Communications for details of your nearest dealer.

For Amateur purchases made directly from RWB Communications, please contact us for more details.

Non-Warranty Repairs

If your item is no longer covered by warranty or was not purchased via an authorised  New Zealand Icom dealer, we can still provide you with a repair service. Please contact RWB Communications for more details.