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About Us

Icom Inc.


Ever since its first radio was produced in 1954 in Osaka, Japan, Icom has been dedicated to innovation, performance, quality workmanship and technical excellence, combined with simplicity of operation and ease of use. Today, Icom is regarded as one of the world’s leading radio manufacturers and the experts in wireless communication. Icom Inc. has been a world leader in radio communications for over 40 years. One of a few organizations that manufacture a total radio line-up of Land Mobile, Marine, Amateur, Air Band and Communications Receivers, Icom's technological prowess is legendary. Icom continues to lead the industry with the development of digital technologies to provide the future in radio communications to the world. 

A rare example of an electronics manufacturer that has not shifted production to lower cost countries, Icom produces products with genuine "made in Japan" quality. Over 50 years of engineering and production excellence goes into each Icom product and the highly skilled technicians and engineers work in a strictly-controlled, quality-oriented environment. Extensive Research & Development facilities enable Icom to design, develop and customise equipment to specific needs, and we are one of the few radio manufacturers to carry ISO9001 accreditation. Furthermore, all Icom products are compliant with relevant radiation and radio frequency regulations and specifications, reducing interference and improving safety.

With radio products sold in over 80 countries around the world, Icom is a gobal brand name in radio communications and is represented throughout the world with divisions in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, South America, Canada and the USA.


RWB Communications


RWB Communications is a family-run business based in Auckland, with over 30 years experience in the radio communications industry. Starting with the amateur radio market, the company has now become one of New Zealand’s leading importers and distributors of quality radio communications solutions and has built a reputation for providing the aviation, land, marine, amateur and business markets with top quality products and outstanding service.

Our mission statement is to be New Zealand’s preferred provider of quality communication solutions and we are achieving this by:

  • Offering our customers outstanding service
  • Creating a healthy work environment
  • Creating unprecedented value & opportunity
  • Setting the standard for others to follow
  • Excelling at what we do
  • Proactively supporting our customers


Here at RWB Communications we:

  1. We put our customers first
  2. We promote innovation
  3. Act with integrity and respect
  4. Are supportive to ourselves and our customers
  5. We understand and know our products
  6. We do it right first time
  7. We have fun
  8. We invest in our people


RWB Communications has an extensive authorised dealer network throughout the country and offers the widest range of radio equipment in New Zealand. Combined with a comprehensive support policy for our customers including genuine parts and full warranty support, RWB Communications strive to deliver fast, knowledgeable and efficient service.